Fire safety quiz game “Don’t play with fire!” Don't play around with fire! Take care of your health and lives!”

Quiz purpose:

  • Strengthen children's knowledge of fire safety rules.
  • Show the role of fire in human life: both positive and negative.
  • Develop memory, intelligence, resourcefulness, and group work skills.
  • To cultivate moral qualities: courage, resourcefulness, dedication.

To run the quiz, teams are created and a presentation is used to demonstrate the questions and answers (the correct answers appear in the presentation after a click).

The quiz consists of five rounds: warm-up, do you know, we are waiting for an answer, and in fairy tales it happens..., folk wisdom.

For the correct answer in rounds 2 and 4, one prize point is awarded, in the 3rd round - the price of the answer is indicated, in the 5th round the number of prize points is equal to the number of correctly composed proverbs. At the end of the quiz, all points are summed up and the winning team is determined.

To conduct a quiz, you need a host and a jury, who count the correct answers of the quiz participants.

The warm-up is carried out in the form of a collective answer in the game “Give me a word”, in the second round “Did you know” the teams must choose one correct answer out of four proposed. In the next round, teams are asked to find out which work describes the event. Then the teams are given sheets with questions from the 4th round, given some time to prepare, after which the teams, by choice or not by drawing lots, give oral answers to the questions in order (the correct answers, after listening, can be demonstrated on slides). In the fifth round, participants need to find its ending at the beginning of the proverb; for this, the teams are given a sheet with the first part of the proverb, and the second parts of all proverbs on separately cut out sheets.

  1. Man became acquainted with fire at the initial stage of his development. Since then, people and fire have been inseparable constant companions.
  2. It took man thousands of years to learn how to make and use fire.
  3. Primitive people were afraid of fire, attributed divine power to it, and worshiped fire.
  4. People need fire, because with its help many useful things are accomplished; it certainly serves people in everyday life and at work.
  5. But it often happens that fire can turn from a devoted friend into a merciless enemy, destroying in a matter of minutes what was created over many years of hard work.
  6. Fires lead not only to huge material losses, but also, most importantly, to human casualties.
  7. Fires destroy everything in their path and cause irreparable harm to the environment.
  8. Every year about 240 thousand fires occur in Russia, and on average about 20 thousand people die.

Progress of the event

Teacher's opening remarks:

Fire is one of the greatest wonders of nature with which man has become acquainted. Fire gave people warmth, light, and protected them from wild animals. He was a great helper of man.

Prometheus gave a red torch for people, so that it would warm everyone with heat, so that it would burn in the lamp, fry and cook meat, instill fear in the beast, burn pots and toys, and rule bronze cannons. But, unfortunately, this gift has caused fire more than once. Like firewood crackling in a fire, the forest and houses caught fire. And that fire rushed with a hellish roar onto the dwelling. It’s easier not to put out a fire, but to warn it!

Then the host explains the rules and gives a quiz.

Fire Safety Quiz

Dear parents!

Family service specialists invite you to instill the skills of careful handling of fire; test your children's knowledge of fire
with the help of our quiz.

What is the name of the profession of people who fight fire?

Why are firefighters called by phone “01”?
“01” is the simplest and shortest number, it is easy to remember. This number is easy to dial even in the dark and by touch.

Why is the fire truck red?
Red, so that from afar it can be seen that a fire truck is driving, to which it is necessary to give way. Red is the color of fire.

How do firefighters dress?
Firefighters wear a canvas suit. It doesn't burn, doesn't get wet. A helmet protects the head from blows, mittens on the hands, and boots on the feet. To work in fire and smoke, firefighters need breathing apparatus.

Why are fires dangerous?
In a fire, things, an apartment, and even an entire house can burn down. But the main thing is that in a fire they can die


What else is dangerous about fire besides fire?
Smoke is worse than fire. It’s easy to get lost in a smoky room and not find a way out. It's difficult to breathe.

How can you extinguish a starting fire?
A fire can be extinguished with a fire extinguisher, water, sand, or a blanket.

Why is it dangerous to play in the house with matches and lighters?
Playing with matches and lighters is a cause of fire.


What causes fires?
Fires occur if fire safety rules are not followed: a TV, iron, gas stove, etc. are left unattended; if you play with matches, play around with fire.

What should you say when calling the fire department?
You must provide your exact address, last name, first name and what is burning.

What should be done if there is a lot of smoke in the apartment?
It is necessary to wet your clothes with water, cover your head with a wet napkin, breathe through the wetted cloth, and crawl towards the exit.

What would you do if you saw that the lower floors of the house were engulfed in flames?
Wet your clothes and everything around you, wait for help. You should not try to run out of the house if you live on the upper floors. After walking two or three floors, you can be poisoned by combustion products.

Why is a stove in a village house dangerous?
In a village or country house, children should not approach the stove or open the stove door in the absence of adults. A leaking ember can cause a house to catch fire.

Why can’t you touch the stove damper without adult permission?
If the stove damper is closed prematurely, carbon monoxide will accumulate in the house and you can suffocate.

Test with answers: “Fire safety rules”

I option.

1. What is the name of the profession of a person who puts out fires? a) fireman + b) firefighter c) rescuer

2. What is the most likely cause of a fire in an apartment? a) constantly running refrigerator + b) careless handling of pyrotechnic products + c) lit light bulbs

3. When you came home, you smelled gas) What are your next steps? a) turn on the lights, call your parents or the emergency service b) turn off the main gas supply valve, open the windows and doors, go to your neighbors, call your parents or the emergency service + c) open the windows and light a match to check where the gas is coming from

4. Under what conditions can a fire occur? a) flammable substance and reducing agent b) flammable material, source of fire or heat, oxygen + c) Heat exchange between substances

5. Why are stove heating chimneys whitewashed? a) so that cracks and damage are visible+ b) for beauty c) to improve traction+

6. In what place can you make a fire? a) away from trees and bushes and no further than 10 meters from a water source b) in inclement weather, the fire must be built under a tree, the crown of which protects it from rain or snow c) the place for making a fire must be cleared of grass, leaves, branches and cover with stones+

7. In the event of a fire, you need to leave the apartment, which is located on the 10th floor. You: a) use the elevator b) go down the external fire escapes + c) covering your respiratory organs with your hand, exit through the entrance

8. What means cannot be used to extinguish fuels and lubricants? a) foam b) sand c) Water+

9. What are the damaging factors of a fire: a) intense radiation of gamma rays that affects people b) toxic combustion products, high temperature+ c) the formation of a carbon monoxide cloud

10. What should you not do when making a fire? a) make a fire in peat bogs + b) use dead wood for a fire c) leave less than three people on duty near the fire

11. Upon returning from a walk, you opened the door of your apartment and discovered heavy smoke. What are your next steps? a) enter the apartment and look for the source of the smoke b) open the windows to check the apartment c) close the door tightly and call the fire department+

12. While the train was moving, a smell of burning and smoke appeared in your carriage. How will you proceed? a) go to the neighboring compartments and inform the passengers b) inform the conductor, collect your things and wait for further instructions in the compartment + c) pull the stop valve handle

13. What is the best way to take cover for safety in order to overcome the fire zone? a) wet coat + b) sheet c) thick blanket

14. If there is a fire in your apartment or house, who should you notify after calling the fire brigade? a) police b) ambulance c) Neighbors+

15. Under what conditions does a fire spread the fastest? a) lack of natural light b) lack of openings (windows and doors) to remove combustion products c) lack or malfunction of fire extinguishing equipment+

16. Primary fire extinguishing agents are used: a) to eliminate a fire in the initial stage of its occurrence + b) to extinguish a large fire c) to localize a natural disaster

17. How to put out clothes that have caught fire on a person? a) direct a stream of fire extinguisher at him b) knock the man to the ground and cover him with a cloth + c) rip off his clothes

18. Which of the following should not be used to light the stove? a) firewood b) coal c) flammable liquids+

19. What is prohibited for passengers of public transport to carry: a) oversized loads b) flammable and explosive substances+ c) heavy loads

20. How to behave correctly in case of a rapidly spreading fire? a) try to put out the fire using primary fire extinguishing means, open the window to remove smoke b) immediately leave the room, tightly closing the door behind you, call adults for help and inform the fire department + c) call your parents at work and report the fire, try put out the fire using available means

Option II.

1. What is a fire? a) A fire element caused by human influence, which is limited in control b) A spontaneously developing and uncontrolled combustion process that leads to the destruction of material assets and poses a danger to human life + c) A fully controlled combustion process

2. Objectives of fire prevention: a) Creation of preventive measures that are aimed at eliminating the possibility of fires and minimizing their consequences + b) Organizing measures to minimize the destructive impact of fire on people and material assets c) Limiting the spread of fire

3. This type of fire safety training is given to employees when applying for a job: a) Target b) Planned c) Primary+

4. Fire hazards: a) Flame, sparks and heat flow; decreased visibility in smoke b) Reduced oxygen concentration in the air; increase in ambient temperature; probable explosion c) Increased concentration of toxic products of combustion and thermal decomposition; flames, sparks and heat flow; reduced visibility in smoke; decrease in oxygen concentration in the air+

5. What is the distance between floodlights and combustible structures? a) At least 5 meters b) Determined by the projector’s technical data sheet + c) At least 10 meters

6. Secondary manifestations of dangerous fire factors that affect material assets and people: a) Substances intended for fire extinguishing + b) Toxic combustion products c) Smoke

7. For a room in which up to 70 people can stay at the same time, such a number of fire exits is provided. a) 3 b) 2+ c) 4

8. What class of fires are water extinguishers designed to extinguish? a) A+ b) A and B c) B

9. Determine how often carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should be recharged: a) once every 3 years b) At least once every 7 years c) At least once every 5 years+

10. What is the minimum number of manual fire extinguishers that must be located on each floor of public buildings and structures? a) 5 b) 2+ c) 4

11. Select the color in which fire cabinets are painted: a) Red+ b) Yellow c) Black

12. Mark the fire extinguishers that can be used to extinguish electrical installations: a) Water, foam, powder b) Water, foam, freon, powder, carbon dioxide+ c) Carbon dioxide

13. Is it possible to operate an electric heating device if it does not have a thermostat? a) Yes, in case of production necessity b) Yes, if there is permission from the fire inspector c) Not possible under any circumstances+

14. The following are considered common objects in terms of the degree of danger of lightning damage: a) Buildings intended for production, human habitation and trade, the height of which does not exceed 60 meters+ b) Low-rise residential and public buildings c) Single-story industrial buildings

15. Select the distance between the smoking areas and the storage areas for lime sludge removed from the acetylene generator: a) 5 meters b) At least 7 meters c) At least 10 meters+

16. Is it possible to carry out loading and unloading operations with flammable substances while the car engine is running? a) No+ b) Yes, if substances are classified as hazard class 1 or 2 c) Yes, if substances are classified as hazard class 2

17. The partition, which is used as a fence during welding work, must have a height of at least _______ meters. a) 1.6 b) 1.8+ c) 2.0

18. Determine how flammable gas cylinders that are not equipped with boots should be stored? a) Vertically b) Horizontally on racks or frames + c) In cells

19. Functions of the fire safety system: a) Fire extinguishing; carrying out rescue operations; fire prevention propaganda; development and implementation of fire safety measures + b) Carrying out rescue operations and work to eliminate the consequences of fires; state fire supervision c) Elimination of fires and their consequences

20. Determine what is prohibited when operating ventilation and air conditioning systems? a) Keep the ventilation chamber doors closed b) Open exhaust vents, grilles and ducts c) Connect gas-type heating equipment to the air ducts+

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